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What is the queenparty Waalre.

The good cause.....
On the 24th of November 1991 the singer of the legendary English rockband Queen, Freddie Mercury, passed away due to the effects of AIDS. A day before his death his spokesperson officially announced that Freddie was suffering from the illness. After his death the remaining members of Queen, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon, founded the Mercury Phoenix Trust. This fund has been working all over the world since that day to collect money for the battle against HIV and AIDS.

The Queenparty is an activity of Het Huis van Waalre foundation in Waalre. To honour Queens’ devotion to the battle against HIV and AIDS it is tradition that a part of the takings of the Queenparty are destined for the Dutch HIV foundation that has their headquarters in Amsterdam. At the Queenparty the HIV foundation is represented with a stand at the entrance. Here they sell all kinds of articles such as T-shirts, keychains and postcards.

On the 30th of September 1995 the first Queenparty was held in Waalre, initiated by Ralf Quaadvliet. That year there were electrifying performances by Let’s Go Bananas, George janev and Mayqueen. Despite the fact that the number of attendents were below expectations a sequel was planned and in 1997 the second edition of the Queenparty took place. This time the performers included George Janev, Shine (later known as Miracle) and the English band GaGa.

Over the years several amazing rockbands have performed such as Miracle, Queenmania, Casa Blanca Circus, Queen Rocks MayBe and ofcourse MayQueen. This years’ Queenparty will already be the 24th edition and it is promising to be another exhilarating success. The success of these events has made sure that the Queenparty has become an annual event. In 1998, during the third Queenparty a new tradition was started by presenting the “Sweet surprise”; a huge pie with the image of the Queenparty poster.

Volunteers of the Queenparty.....
The Queenparty would not exist would it not be for the many volunteers that volunteer their time and energy. In addition to the committee that organizes the Queenparty every year, there are about 30 volunteers who help out on the day itself. Together these volunteers make this event to the incredible success it is. It is an amazing annual spectacle for everyboy and not only the die-hard Queen fans. Would you like to help? Email us at info@queenparty.nl